Why explainer videos? and how explainer videos are enhancing the path of visual explanation?

15th May 2021, author: dreamengineanimationstudiomumbai

To answer this why we have prepared 3 what’s.

1. What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are basically non-Animated or Animated videos that give a brief understanding about a topic in a virtual format. Explainer Videos are usually used to make people understand about the product or service in the easiest way accessible. These videos are maximum 3 minute long, short and precise explainer videos work best for marketing and sales purposes. They are generally positioned on  the front page of the website as well as on various social media pages, so the viewer gets a clear idea about your product or services. These days, Explainer Video’s services have gained popularity and are used across worldwide.

2. What are the benefits of explainer videos?

There are numerous productive benefits of explainer videos such as :

I. Conversion rate

According to the internet sources, 85% of people are bound to purchase a product after seeing explainer videos. Dropbox have limited their website home page to a single explainer video and that resulted in a 10% increase in their conversion rate and the video was played for more than 750,000 times in a month. Also Rypple (now known as work.com) increased its conversion rate by 20% just by adding an explainer video to their home page of their official business website.

iI. The perfect pitch

Factswise, you can’t be everywhere to pitch presentations for your company, can you? Explainer videos can solve this problems of yours and number of companies out there in the world. You don’t need to always pitch presentations and explanations every while, you can just get an explainer video created by an animation studio or other relevant sources and forward or upload  the explainer video and relax. Online platform and explainer video can together make it possible to pitch for your company. You just need a perfect explainer video with the perfect company story and BINGO!

iII. Google preference

One question always arises in every entrepreneur and business person’s mind: To whom does Google give preferences? How to get your website to the google top page? Well there are many aspects google considers including your content, Web page, relatable topic, conversion rate,etc. But the secret to increase your chance to get into google preference list by around 50% is an Explainer Video. In case of attracting people to your website, What do you think people look for a lengthy and tiring text or are they just simply attracted by the video explaining the product or content? That’s absolutely correct, the video elaborates everything in just 2 to 3 minute of time. The more the viewers, the more, the conversion rate and the more chances of getting into Google top page.

iV. Flexible for sharing

Social media being “the king of marketing” in today’s world you can use it as a tool for your benefits very sharply with the use of  Explainer Videos. You can reach out to a number of people regarding  your business and services with just one click. You just have to Share your firm’s story with everyone around the globe using an Explainer Video and social media.

v. Greater returns on investment

When you invest in growth you definitely expect growth. Explainer Videos will definitely live upto your expectation of returns as making an explainer video is only a certain sum of money with respect to your returns. You just have to choose the right company to export your explainer video. 

3. What are the types of explainer videos?

There are six types of explainer videos used for different industries but with the same motive to increase your sales.

i. 2D animated explainer videos

2D animation also known as traditional animation is an animation with two-dimensional figures. 2D animated explainer videos are also used by many well known brands such as Airbnb, Deloitte, Google cloud-navigating AI, Etsy plus, and many more. Benefit of 2D animated explainer video is that it is fun, time and cost saving and attractive to watch. 2D explainer videos are useful because they bring concepts to life by demonstrating how your product works to viewers or clients.

iI. 3D animated explainer videos

3D animation is the creation of three-dimensional objects in three-dimensional spaces. Many companies like Panasonic, Tesco, Samsung, Opple, etc have used 3D animated explainer videos to promote their ideas lavishly. They simply know 3D tends to be somewhat more advanced and optically appealing. This is why 3D animation is such an effective tool for communicating your product, service, or concept.

iII. Motion graphic explainer videos

 Motion graphic explainer videos use animation, visual effects, and other cinematic approaches to get still graphics to life. Some of the examples are Mcdonalds, Ahrefs, Mobile Muster, and many more companies used this service. Motion graphic explainer videos are not really story based but may include animation. 

iV. Whiteboard animation explainer videos

In whiteboard animation the art that is usually handmade is pictured on the whiteboard. With a decent content and top notch character animation, a whiteboard video can surely be a suitable choice for organizations. Before going for the lowest cost, checking video quality is a must. One of the most famous whiteboard animation explainer videos we all knew and adored but never recognised as white board animation video is “Red Bull ”. Red bull has been using this feature for quite a time now and its growth is not hidden, is it? Other than that Adobe used white board animation for its new feature “Echosign ”.

v. Live-Action explainer videos

Unlike animated explainer videos, Live-Action explainer videos consist of real people but live action videos can get a bit boring without the pinch of animation. Live-action video with animation combo can be a blast. Some of the best live-action videos are of Codemeet, Zendex, Vntana, Slack and there’s no end to it.

vI. Screencast explainer video

Screencast explainer videos are new in the market but work great. They are usually used to showcase an application working by the developers. Screencast explainer video helps to literate people with the working of new launched applications. Screencast explainer videos likewise advantage the organization as it costs significantly less than animated or live-action video and gives successful outcomes. One of the best examples to screencast explainer videos in recent days is of Aarogya Setu and Arogyamitra App.

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