Whiteboard Style Explainer Animations/ Scribe Animations

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Whiteboard Animation is the process where an animator draws the characters and records an illustrated story on a whiteboard or a similar white surface. This animation video needs a proper script and mainly used for representation or to create an explainer video. A good script, characters and voice synchronization can do wonders for the video and for our clients.This features can help to engage clients and grab their attenion and give them an overview of the concept in simple understanding

What makes a good whiteboard animation video?

A good script, keeping it short but to the point. A voice over, these voice overs can be opted from a lot of options, depending upon your target audience. An explanatory whiteboard animation video can use a soft female voice, where as a dramatic whiteboard animation service may have a male with deep voice.

Which country you are targeting also matters, target audience may or may not connect with your video, because it has a foreign accent voice.

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