Service to Society is Service to God

- Apart from Quality Animations Videos, Graphic Designings and Printing Solutions, We also try to provide best service to Society -

Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond Animation Videos

Businesses needs to go beyond the interests of their companies to the communities they serve

As a responsible company, Dream Engine Animation Society has always believed in serving to the same society who has giving us this opportunity to stand. It gives us pleasure to be amongst the people and serve the nation.

Following the righteous saying by Ratan Naval Tata, “Businesses needs to go beyond the interests of their companies to the communities they serve.” We make sure, we do not limit our interests.

Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai Team donated blood at the recent blood donation camp held by NSS wing members of SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce.

Team has decided to donate blood every 4 months. Infact, new hirings at our Animation Studio, Mumbai, would be requested to join us too in this wonderful cause.

During these really tough Co-Vid 19 times, Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai made sure, full salaries are paid, even their leaves were paid, and when the markets reopened, they were home picked and dropped to ensure they are safe. Taking a step further, The Animation Studio took the initiative to sponsor the vaccination dose and made sure every one in the team is vaccinated, giving a sigh of relief to their families.

Also considering the pandemic medical expenses this world has been facing, Animation Studio has decided to provide medical policy to all team members.

Considering the destruction and disruptions caused by the cyclone Tauktae, which happened in May 2021, that too this happened when everyone was already suffering the brunt of Co-Vid 19 pandemic lockdown, we at Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai decide to donate food packets to the needy, who lived and cooked their food under flyovers, lived on open grounds or next to traffic signals, or people who were dependent on locals for their daily food requirements.

We targeted such people because it wasn’t easy for them to cook because of powerful winds and heavy rains.  Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai distributed 400 to 500 food packets in 2 days. Food Packets had cooked Roti, Sabzi and Daal Rice.

Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai couldnt think of anything better than start donating food to the need to make such an auspicious day even more special.

With Akshay Tritiya and Ramzan Eid falling on the same date, we started distributing food to the needy. It is believed that anything started on this occassions, expands many folds. Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai does wishes that this expands to many folds and, one day we can serve literally serve everyone, without considering their financial status.

Dream Engine Animation Studio has hypothetically served literally every industry that exists. Hospitals, Doctors and Other Emergency Services are are included too.

From our connections, it was discovered a patient in MGM Hospital, vashi needed financial support. Without disclosing the name to the recipient, we contributed whatever best Our Studio could do and wished for a speedy recovery.

Our Mumbai Animation Studio Director, Navin S Goyal rightly believes saying by John Dewey, Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself. Considering this, we trying to connect with the National Commission for Women of India and Human Resource Department of India.

We have been trying to connect with National Information Center of India to help the needy brave martyred soldiers’ families. Keep checking this space for latest information on this.

With the onset of CoVid 19, none of us were prepared for it, and the most affected were our society’s local workers, like our watchmens, small stall owners, housemaids, delivery boys, etc.

Without wasting much time, Dream Engine Animation Studio, got customized 3 layers Cotton Masks with “Animation Expert” printed on it and our Animation Studio Director, Navin S Goyal, personally distributed those masks nearby. A few masks were kept for the team for being distributed after lockdown amongst them.

On the World Food Day, Our Animation Studio Director, Navin S Goyal, calculated one day’s salary of all team members and distributed food of the total value.

The whole team took a pledge of never wasting food. We ensure we do not get extra food in our lunch boxes, lowering food wastage.

Whoever is happy, will make others happy too.

The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up.

There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.

Contribution from Every Project

Lets start walking towards our Dreams.

Social Responsibility is a one of the core value at Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai. We believe every one we meet, work, interact with wants to contribute towards the betterment of society but due to some or the other reason they hold back their desires. The reason for holding back can be anything, like the thought of contribution amount shys them away, some with big hearts may not know where to contribute, some good people have a busy schedule, some Samaritans need a company to do such wonderful tasks. The possibilities are endless.

Hence considering all the above pointers, Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai has decided that we will be contributing a small amount from every projects towards social issues. While working with Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai you are knowingly or unknowingly fulfilling your Social Responsibility. You are helping everybody around.

A special mention to following people is needed when talking about social responsibility. Few bright Sparks that ignited Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai to contribute whatever you can.


Setty Niharika

Boddu Nagga Lakshmi

Pushram Sinha


BC Prashanth Kumar

Salbha Uskar