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19th Jul 2022, author: dreamengineanimationstudiomumbai

A naming ceremony, for the most part, is the process by which newborn babies are officially given a name. The methods of this practice vary across cultures and countries, which is quite significant. The time it takes to particularly designate a name can span from a really few days after birth to a fair few months or even years in a very major way. It provides the parents of the new born baby an opportunity to kind of meet with family and friends to officially sort of welcome their baby into the family in a big way, which is definitely fairly significant. Parents, contrary to common opinion, for the most part, discuss promises, readings, poems, traditions, and music that they might, for all intents and purposes, enjoy with the celebrant.

So one of our client Mr. Swapnil Bhoir and his wife Mrs. Bhoir got blessed with a new born baby girl . So they wanted to share their joy and happiness with everyone in their family, friends and associates. It was not possible for the couple to make everyone join the naming ceremony of their new born baby as many people were out of station and many more other reasons . Therefore, the couple wanted a medium through which they can express their joy and happiness and share it among their family, friends, associates and community. 

Accordingly, Mr. Swapnil Bhoir and his wife, Mrs. Bhoir the lovely couple, asked our Dream Engine Animation Studio,Mumbai to make an animation video of the naming ceremony video of their new born baby which would reveal the name of their baby.

Our team at Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai, executed a beauteous animation video of the naming ceremony of the new born baby of Mr. & Mrs. Bhoir.

The animation video of the naming ceremony included elements like beautiful wedding photos of  the couple and their wedding date then after some moments the name of the new born baby of the couple is revealed with its adorable photo.

The video made by our dream team was shared with  by the couple to  all the family, friends, associates and community. The video was displayed on the big screens during the ongoing ceremony and it was a medium for the couple to share their happiness with those who were not able to attend the naming ceremony of the new born baby. The video sounded very much helpful to the couple as it reminded them with their  one one of the precious memories of their life. 

Our Dream Engine Studio works with full dedication and innovative ideas on every single project by giving our whole and soul. 

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