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15th Apr 2021, author: dreamengineanimationstudiomumbai

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Animated Explainer video for Used Lube Oil Refining


3M3S Tech Pvt Ltd deals with Technology, Manufacturing, Consultancy and Turnkey projects of used Lube Oil refining & Lube oil blending. The production plant is fully computerised with 24/7 state of the art technology enabling visual data analysis and controlling of various critical process parameters so the products meet international standards. The plant can be remotely controlled with few clicks and at your convenience.

The process of refining used lube oil is environment friendly without any pollution and its safe to operate even with less manpower. It doesn’t pose any health hazard as it’s non chemical, non acid and uses non bleaching clay technology. The complete process is performed under high vacuum to prevent degrading / cracking of lube oil modules and it forms a major USP of the plant with years of experience of in-house research and development of several process technologies.

Problem Statement

As 3M3S Tech Pvt Ltd is an Oil processing plant involving use of heavy machineries and equipment it requires experts to operate the plant. A person with less/no knowledge of the whole processing of the plant might prove to be fatal. The company wanted to pitch to the promoters about the whole refining process and how the plant functions. However, it was proving difficult to explain the huge process flow and functions of the machinery by just a blueprint or a diagram. Also, it was risky to schedule a plant visit to avoid any mishap.

How to showcase the whole process flow of refining used lube oil, usage of machinery, operational methods etc ?

Resolution by Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai

Analysing the problem statement for 3M3S Tech Pvt Ltd, Our Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai came up with a brilliant solution and made an Animated Explanatory video reflecting the process flow of refining used Lube Oil. This video was an exact replica of the plant with detailed information on it’s processing, usage of machinery, operational methods etc without the need of visiting the plant and no risk involved.

The explanatory video by our Animation Studio, Mumbai ensured to simplify the learning and understanding of the plant. While making it a fun experience and giving a clear vision of the plant and it’s machineries to the investors and promoters. After the project was approved, this was also utilised to train new employees on the whole processing of the plant and its machineries. Also used for demonstrating the working of the company during trade expo, exhibitions, seminars and Town Hall meetings. This proved to be a perfect demonstration of the company’s working for its visitors as well at the reception.

Video Made


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