Power Trading Pvt Ltd: Animation Video Of A Vertical Lift

30th Jan 2022, author: dreamengineanimationstudiomumbai

Power Trading pvt ltd is a prominent company which makes Vertical lifts. Vertical Platform Lifts are elevator-like mobility systems that are used for transporting of people and other  objects , or other mobility devices between levels vertically . They come in a variety of lifting heights, ranging from a few inches to 14 feet. Vertical platform lifts (VPLs) are available from 101 Mobility for both indoor and outdoor use, such as for residential,commercial and industrial use. 

A vertical lift is an automated material handling system.A vertical lift system utilities the vertical space available in a building to store items and automatically transport them to the access point when they are needed.Vertical Lift Modules consist of two columns of trays with a mechanical inserted/extractor positioned in the centre. The inserter/extractor travels up and down between the stored trays, automatically locating and retrieving them as needed – similar to an elevator with doors that open on both the front and rear.

So the Power Trading Pvt Ltd creates  such a needful device like vertical lift which is moveable, portable and takes very little space to stand . Thus, putting such amazing features in a single device the company wanted to tell about the excellent features of the vertical lift to the people who are in need of such technology . so to spread the significance of the vertical lift manufactured by power trading pvt ltd , its management was in search of a tool which would simplify their work of marketing of the product and take the products goodwill on a peak. 

Accordingly the management of power trading pvt ltd asked our Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai to make an animation video on the mechanism and significance. Thereafter, our Excellent team of Dream Engine Animation Studio Mumbai  made a watch worthy animation video on the mechanism of the vertical lift and finely detailed all the features of the vertical lift made by power trading pvt ltd. 

The animation video made by our Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai became a  prominent tool of the company to showcase their product in a creative manner which impacted the minds of the clients and profits the company in a good way. The video made by our Dream Engine Animation Studio was a multipurpose video as the video was used for the marketing of the product as well as it was used for the presentation purpose in several meetings and was also displayed in  various industrial expos by the company. 

The animated video made by pure Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai was also posted on the major sections of the website of the company and also posted on various social media handles of the company.

Our Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai works with full dedication and innovative ideas on every single project by giving our whole and soul. 

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