G.E.A Screw Compressor Explanatory Video

16th Jan 2022, author: dreamengineanimationstudiomumbai

GEA is among the largest technology providers for food processing and a variety of other industries, initially established in 1881. The global group focuses on advanced manufacturing technology, materials, and long-term strategies for a variety of end-user markets. To meet the market’s and customers’ needs, GEA has continued to evolve and set new standards. GEA is now a globally active and leading organization, renowned for its cutting-edge technology, especially in the food industry.

With over 18,000 employees, the multinational industrial manufacturing group specializes in machinery and facilities, as well as advanced process technology, materials, and integrated services.GEA is a global corporation of five segments and country associations organized around technologies. Düsseldorf, Germany is the headquarters of the listed company. GEA is a global systems provider for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. 

A major focus is on continuously enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of customers’ production processes. GEA plants, processes and components help achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions, plastic use and food waste in production worldwide. 

Gea is one of the leading companies who provides technology related to food processing , so the need of the employees is also more in comparison with the reach of the company as well as it was not possible for the company to live demonstrate its every client about the machines . so for the purpose to educate its employees and to present its product to various companies the Gea wanted a simplified medium to eliminate this challenge . 

Thereafter , Gea approached our Dream Engine Studio to make an explanatory animation video as a solution for the challenge . So our dream team made an explanatory animated video for the company. The video made by our dream team elucidates in detail about the design of the machine , its assembling , its key features and operating . The video is made in such a creative way by our dream team that a non technical person can easily understand the key features and running and purpose of the machine .

The end results of the video were wonderful for both our team and the gea , as the video was used to educate the employees as well as it was used in various presentations and meetings , and also used to display in expos. The company also used the video to display on their social media sites and also on their official website . the animated model made by our dream team was the accurate impression of the actual machine and no mistake can be taken out from the modelling and animation .the animation in the video and the video is a example that , how both des and gea contributes significantly to a sustainable future, in keeping with its corporate ideology of “tech for a better environment.”

Our Dream Engine Studio Works with full dedication and innovative ideas on every single project by giving our whole and soul . 

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