Suren zone infra dam rejuvenation 3D animation video.

11th Aug 2021, author: dreamengineanimationstudiomumbai

About the Activity of Zone Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd:

Mr. Surendra Someshwar Gajbhiye, Promoter of the company has enriched Zone Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. with his 18 years of rich experience in project execution i.e., Fabrication, Erection, Testing and commissioning of Hydro Mechanical Projects. He has started his career in irrigation projects i.e., Dams and canals. Working as a Site Engineer, site in charge, works manager to a contractor engaged in rendering services to infrastructure industries.

Zone Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. Professionally managed infrastructure Company engaged in the business of hydro, thermal, irrigation, underwater services, structural industries and power projects for the execution of civil and mechanical works. Keeping its continuous development with the team of experience Engineers & technically sound, dedicated and professionally managed staff, Zone Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. entered in the Design, Drawings commissioning, Fabrication, erection works of Radial Gates, Vertical Gates, Electrical and Hydraulic Hoist, Fabrication of MS Pipes, Penstock, Transition / Bell mouth, Aqueducts, Heavy Steel Structures, MS Tanks, Underwater welding / cutting , SS & CS fabrication in Chemical, Fertilizer, Oil Industries, western Railway, Hydro and thermal Power Plants.

Being a promoter, with his excellent on the job-work and engineering Knowledge, the intricacies of civil construction, machinery installation and hydro mechanical works and unmatched understanding of finance, banking, taxation and commercial matters, he steered the company towards success and growth. His visionary abilities skilfully nurtured the company since its inception and established. His key strength is delivering qualitative and timely services. His forte is strong liasoning in the Industry.

One day Mr. Surendra Someshwar Gajbhiye came across the problem of dam leakage. The most common causes of dam leakage are either poor construction, or storm damage, using unsuitable soils for the embankment and dam lining, poor soil compaction – this is one place where you want compacted soil with poor structure.

Dam leakage can release uncontrollable water flows which can result in severe consequences to downstream areas. When a dam breach occurs, the flooding can cause enormous economic losses, residential and agricultural damages, and even more importantly, loss of life.


There are several challenges in solving these critical issues which include: lack of funding for dam rehabilitation, lack of regulation and emergency preparedness, and a low level of public awareness. Driving all these issues and subsequent activities in the dam safety and being an engineer and running an infrastructure company Mr. Surendra Someshwar Gajbhiye thought of making some solution out of this massive problem.

So Mr. Surendra Someshwar Gajbhiye Promoter Zone Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. has started the mission zero leakage through this mission he promises that there will be no dam leakage after the rejuvenation of dams by their company Zone Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd.Mr. Surendra Someshwar Gajbhiye has invented patented solutions for the renovation of the leaked dams. The patented innovative solutions by Mr. Surendra Someshwar Gajbhiye Promoter Zone Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd ensures zero leakage after the renovation. 

So, to explain the purpose of mission zero leakage Z and the process and techniques used in the renovation of dams by Mr. Surendra, Zone Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd asked  Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai to make an 3D animation video on one of their completed projects – dhasai mi project taluka murbad dist thane, which would be helpful to understand the course of action taken by Zone Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd to accomplish the mission zero leakage.


Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai started working on the 3D animation video of the dam renovation and made an admirable video for the company. The 3D Animation video features tiny details of the working of the process the video starts by awaring us about the mission ,the video displays us the existing outlet leakage issues and tells us about some facts related to the loss done by  the leakage  of dams in short  not taking much time the video starts us explaining the repair work and the process and the technique step by step in 3D Animation with high quality and visible side text and after that the video bring us to the advantage and the list of other successfully completed work  by the company , their achievements and at last the video shows us the photographs of  before and after phase from the work of  the project . 

The 3D Animation video made by Dream Engine Animation Studio, mumbai was very effective and gave a summary about the work in an effortless way to understand people. The 3D Animation video was further used by the company in various meetings, presentations, expos and also was posted by them on their every social media handle for marketing.  


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