TCS world 10K Bengaluru marathon Track View Animation Video

28th Jul 2021, author: dreamengineanimationstudiomumbai

TCS World 10K Bengaluru Marathon Track View Animation Video Overview :

Procam International is a sports events management company that organizes the four major marathons of India.

  • Airtel Delhi Half Marathon
  • Tata Mumbai Marathon
  • Tata Steel Kolkata 25k Marathon
  • TCS World 10k Bengaluru Marathon

In 2008, Procam worldwide launched a 10K occasion in Bengaluru, After making a remarkable impact on Indian distance running through establishing the Mumbai Marathon and Delhi Half Marathon, which quickly became indexed among the international maximum prestigious races at those distances. In its 13th year now, Bengaluru has been hosting the world’s premier 10K run.

One of the richest races over the 10K distance in the world, and Asia’s handiest gold label race, the Tata Consultancy services international 10K Bengaluru is the world’s elite athletics event and has the fame of an international Athletics Gold Label Street Race. The event was powered by ORSL Plus, and the run starts and ends at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium.

The TCSW10K has had an exceptional impact on social exchange and prides itself as the biggest sporting philanthropy platform in South India having raised an excellent INR 45.14 crores considering its inception.

Requisition : 

As the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon track view’s Animated video made by Our exception team of Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai was visible to everyone it made a new impact on the minds of people and participants.

Similarly Procam International wanted the same hike and participation from the people all wide from the world so looking after the outcome of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon track view’s Animated video by Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai Procam International also asked our Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai to make a kind of track view’s Animated video for their TCS World 10k Bengaluru Marathon.

End Result :

Our Artistic Crew of  Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai began working on the concept and expertise in sparse details and statistics provided through Procam international. Surprisingly the very last outcome turned into a stunning animation video with complete information of the marathon track.

TCS World 10k Bengaluru Marathon track view’s animated video starts off evolving with statistics about the start line of track, temperature, and humidity of the region. It additionally has information about the area names, the distance marking, threshold, and lots more.

The TCS World 10k Bengaluru Marathon track view’s animated video was visible to absolutely everyone; it made a brand new influence on the minds of people and contributors. It was used for live telecast, social expo, on diverse social media sites of the TCS world 10k Bengaluru Marathon. This helped the contributors who have been running the Marathon in a splendid manner. It gave them an entire overview of the running track which they might evaluate and plan their run extra efficiently.

After getting the reaction acquired by the TCS world 10k Bengaluru Marathon track view’s animated video made with the aid of our spontaneous team of D

Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai. Procam international sports events management company additionally asked our animation studio in Mumbai to work on the animated track view’s videos of the other three marathons organized by them in India. This was positioned into motion and earlier than the subsequent marathons all the track view’s videos were up and running on social media platforms some days prior to the final run.


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