Top 10 International Short Films, Probably you Don’t Know!

09th Jul 2021, author: dreamengineanimationstudiomumbai

The 2010s have been the greatest, striking, and generally significant year for the international short films in its whole history. With Netflix and the streaming transformation of the mid-2010 came up with a large number of web-based features, offering a quality of international short films. The most recent decade has additionally seen a significant extension in the cash and assets that film celebrations put into their short programming. When seen as the expendable segment of the occasion, shorts — regardless of whether it be virtual reality, episodic, or music recordings — have bloomed into turning out to be focal bits of significant celebrations around the globe.

We examined the web and attempted to pick the absolute best international short films accessible of the decade 2010-2019.

  • Thunder road

Top 10 International Short Films Thunder roadThunder Road is a one-take international short film written, directed, and also starred by Jim Cummings. Thunder Road was featured and won a grand jury prize for best short film in the Sundance film festival. It’s a 13-minute long movie released on 21st January 2016. Cummings said in various meetings that the film was composed more than 2 months on his drives to work at CollegeHumor and that he sold his wedding bands to help reserve it. The story takes place at the funeral of Jim’s mother Brenda. Jim is a police officer who had a troublesome relationship with his mother growing up and needs to make it up to her at this point being a decent child in giving the encomium. Jim’s arrangements for the commendation go somewhat out of control as his feelings assume control over prompting a continuous flow of conveyance about how he is genuinely feeling. Watch this movie to see where this story ends. Click here to watch the movie. 

  • The phone call

Top 10 International Short Films The PhoneThe phone call is a 2013 international short film written by Mat Kirkby and James Lucas and was also directed by Mat Kirkby himself. The film was also awarded the Academy Award for a best short film(live-action). The story is about a girl named Heather and a mysterious man named Stan. Heather works at a crisis care center where she receives a call from this mysterious man, from what the man sounded like Heather discovers he is going through much pain. After many efforts, she can finally get the man to talk about how he is melancholy and repentant about an event that happened two years back, which is currently making it hard for him to proceed. How will heather manage to handle this quandary situation? To know, watch here

  • In a cane field

Top 10 International Short Films In A Cane FieldEmily Avila directed this movie written by herself and Frances De Pontes Peebles. It is an international short film based on a murder mystery in 17 minutes time span. In a cane field was awarded the best cinematography in an Australian short film by flicker fest, Sydney. The movie is based on the short story “The Serrambi Case” by Frances De Pontes Peebles. The story evolves as the girl found dead in the beachside tourist town by the cane field and continues as a murder mystery. To watch this suspenseful short film click here


  • A gentle night

Top 10 International Short Films A Gentle NightA gentle night is a 2017 Chinese short movie composed and coordinated by Qiu Yang. This international short film was awarded the short film Palme d’Or at the 2017 Cannes festival and was also mentioned for the best international short film at the 2017 Toronto international film festival. The film was released on 27th May 2017 at the Cannes festival starring li shu xian. The movie is only 15 minutes long in which a bothered mother frantically attempts to locate her missing teenaged girl for the duration of the evening. Will she find her? To get the answer to this question stream this short film on amazon prime

  • Whiplash

Top 10 International Short Films WhiplashThis 18-minute international short film is an American drama written and directed by Damien Chazelle. Whiplash debuted at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival on January 18, 2013, where it won the Short Film Jury Prize. It was then adapted to an element film, which won three Oscar awards. The story is about Andrew Neiman, an aspiring drummer at the prestigious Shaffer Conservatory in New York City who gets an invite from other band members of the Shaffer Conservatory to play as an alternate for the key drummer where the head fletcher is strict and abusive. Watch the full movie here to see how Andrew survives this band.

  • Noah

Top 10 International Short Films NoahNoah is an international short film by Walter Woodman and Patrick Cederberg starring Sam Kantor and Caitlin McConkey-Pirie. They made this movie as their school project when they were students at Ryerson University. This Rom-com animation film was featured at the 2013 Toronto international film festival, where it was awarded the best Canadian short film. It also won the best live-action short drama award at the 2nd Canadian screen awards. The film was likewise one of the motivations for the Modern Family scene “Association Lost”. The plot is about a boy named Noah whose girlfriend breaks up with him due to his excessive use of social media. Click here to watch this amazing short film. 

  • Fauve

Top 10 International Short Films FauveFauve is another Canadian drama by Jeremy Comte. The film debuted at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, where it won a Special Jury Prize in the genre of the short movie. It won a few honors at other film celebrations consistently, including the top honor at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, along with an Honorable Mention from the Best Canadian Short Film jury at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, and the Grand Jury Prize at the 24FPS International Short Film Festival. It was likewise listed in TIFF’s yearly year-end Canada’s Top Ten rundown. It was additionally an Oscar-nominated film by academy awards for a best live-action short film. This international short film is basically of two teenagers looking for an adventurous game near the open cast mining which doesn’t end well. To watch the full Fauve short film click here.

  • Irregulars

Top 10 International Short Films IrregularsIrregulars were first released in 2015 at the Arcipelago film festival. It was additionally featured by Edmonton international film festival and Slamdance film festival in 2016 and 2017. The documentary is about how 40.000 individuals from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, attempt to enter Europe for reasons such as war, poverty, etc but many land routes are interrupted from other countries to Europe so they find a different way to trespass through the Mediterranean. You can watch this ingenious international short film on Vimeo.

  • Caroline

Top 10 International Short Films CarolineCaroline is a movie by Celine Held and Logan George, their partnership has never failed to Build a successful short. Caroline made its International Premiere at Cannes 2018, was an authority determination at South by SouthWest 2018, champ of Palm Springs’ Best North American Short Award 2018, and Best Director at Florida Film Festival, among plenty of different choices and grants at eminent movie celebrations around the world.  Caroline is a 12-minute short film starring Caroline Falk, Brooks Falk, Sally Falk, Celine Held, & Tam Jackson. The story takes place during the summer in Texas where a six-year-old girl named Caroline was left in charge of her two younger siblings. To see how Caroline ends up in this situation and how she will sustain click here.

  • The chair

Top 10 International Short Films The ChairThe chair is a great sci-fi film by Grainger David. It was initially released in 2012 at the southwest film festival. Furthermore, it was featured in many other film festivals along with the Cannes festival. Granger David was awarded the emerging filmmaker award for The Chair. The film was also nominated for the Palme d’Or. The Chair is a ground-breaking, profoundly moving, and in any event, chilling story of Nature versus Humankind. The tale is about the boy who responds to a strange episode of noxious shape in his little, rustic town. The best part of the movie is that you can relate to the current situation of the global pandemic Covid19. It’s a Must watch a movie.  

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