How Animation And Graphics Can Change Your Business Life!

13th Mar 2022, author: dreamengineanimationstudiomumbai

In today’s world, competition is fierce in practically every industry. To stand out from the crowd, display your brand and marketing plan in a unique way that engages customers and leads them down the conversion path, you’ll need a user-centered as well as engaging product UX design.

Motion design is the ideal medium for making your product’s user experience remarkable plus interactive for customers while also increasing conversion rates for your company. You may begin your own brand storytelling using motion graphics from the very first second of the user’s encounter and create touch points at every stage of the subscriber’s customer journey.

As time progressed, product UX as well as conversion were produced in a variety of ways, as was the fashion at the time, but as technologies progressed, these fashions faded. However, there are several trends that appear to be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Although there are many changing UX trends, motion graphics design is a successful UX and marketing strategy that is independent of the season or industry.

When it comes to business values, motion design is the fireworks that not only draw awareness to your product or content, and also magnifies your product’s UX and conversion till people start to notice your dexterity.

According to Wikipedia, motion graphics are pieces of digital footage like animation that give the impression of movement, spin, or video playback. Motion design is the use of graphic design ideas and special effects to the creation of animation as well as animated content.

Motion graphics are now an essential component of any designer’s arsenal. But, more importantly for businesses, it’s a powerful tool for creating UX design processes and marketing tactics that may boost your brand’s recognition, conversions, and customer retention. Let’s see how we can do it.

What Are the Benefits of Using Motion Graphics in Your Business Strategy?

Let’s start with the objectives and benefits of motion design for any company. Motion graphics can be utilised to achieve a number of objectives, all of which are crucial for increasing conversion and providing the greatest brand positioning or user experience. The most effective applications of motion graphics design are as follows:

Getting the attention of the users

According to statistics, at least 3/4 of all videos are watched by 65 percent of viewers.

In addition, including motion design into your content has been shown to enhance your article’s chances of appearing on Google’s main page search results by 53 times!

This means that with motion graphics, you may claim to have your audience’s attention on a silver platter. It means you can use motion graphics to project what you want your audience to view while obscuring stuff you don’t want to be seen. As a result, your brand will be properly positioned.

Creating a memorable user experience

The simplest and most efficient technique to ensure that people remember information for a long time is to use images. According to education expert Lynell Burmark, the human short term memory analyses words and can only store roughly seven bits of data. Images, on the other hand, are processed immediately by our long-term memory and remain unaltered in the portion of our brain where they get indelibly inscribed.

As per the Visual Teaching Alliance, visual information accounts for 90% of all information transferred to the brain. The processing of these pictures is 60,000 times faster than text processing. This is due to the fact that our eyes can register 36,000 visual impulses every hour. All of this means that if you use motion to make your UX more memorable, even mother nature will urge your target audience to pay close attention to your content.

Make the user interface more interactive and intuitive.

A text’s picture, no matter how compelling, cannot elicit the same level of reader intuition plus interaction as a motion image.

Returning to statistics, it’s worth noting that motion graphics have a 135 percent higher reach on social media than other types of content. They also have a greater ability to engage an audience than photos or blog entries.

As a result, motion design allows you to create more engaging, customer-oriented, and intuitive user interfaces. That’s why, especially when it comes to mobile app UX, it’s critical to treat motion graphics as a functional rather than a sole design feature. Take a look at how Uber implemented animations as a user interface feature in their app:

Principles of Motion Design Implementation: How to Create Correct Motion Graphics

As a result, you’re now aware of the causes and benefits of incorporating motion design into your product design and marketing activities. But, before diving into motion graphics, keep in mind the following features that any effective animated content should have to improve the product’s UX and brand positioning.

  • Squash and extend, staging, arcs, directly ahead action plus pose to pose, slowly in slow out, guides action, and other basic concepts of motion design should be followed. Of course, use some motion design trends like as asymmetric layout, art deco, mid-century modern look, dual tones as well as gradients, light and delicate graphics, plus open compositions in isometric design.
  • Create your animation content in such a way that it directs the buyer from the area of their wants to the location where they may buy your product.
  • Animated material should completely meet the needs of your target audience and be made available to them in the most efficient manner possible. It’s like giving them the food they desire in bite-sized pieces that they can eat at their leisure.
  • Your video content should be worth their time, regardless of the type of content you’re presenting: comedy, business, marketing, educational material, news, inspiring videos, etc. They shouldn’t feel like they’re spending their lives watching your video.
  • Deliver your movement content to the right people on the right platforms. A good video should also be able to elicit interaction from the target audience, regardless of who they are. It establishes a recognisable brand. Aside from your video, every other channel you use to sell should deliver the same message as your video. Everyone who comes into touch with one of your marketing materials should be able to communicate a particular message about your brand and products, and any other material should be able to do the same.
  • Try out a few different tools to see which one is the most useful for your needs. Adobe After Effects, Flash Player, Maxon Cinema 4D, and Softimage’s ICE are the most popular among others.

Motion graphics can be used in a variety of ways in your business strategy.

Of all, every brand’s goal is to attract enough attention that it not only gets its message over, but also gets the intended response, resulting in better product UX, conversions, or visitors, as the case may be.

Assuming that this will be the goal, the next question is: 

What kind of content or products can take this motion design route?

Content such as interactive videos or other types of content

The word “explainer animation” refers to a variety of animation content rather than a single type. When you’re trying to convey a message that’s tough to understand or recall, motion films come in handy.

Also, if there is a great likelihood that such content will be misinterpreted, and you must take pains to clarify stuff every time, you may require motion design. If you want to run a campaign on a topic that most people aren’t interested in, motion design is the best approach to get and maintain people’s attention. Watch the video to learn how to use motion to give a concise explanation of your product.

Social Media Content Motion Design

To free up the notification box on our phones, we have a subconscious tendency of clicking on social media icons but then closing them again. We only pay close attention to material that is relevant to our quest or when anything interrupts our progress. As a result, you might employ motion graphics to make your social media material stand out among the crowd. They can help you get a greater return on investment from your content marketing.

Animations for logos

You may use motion graphics to make the most imaginative brand logos, email signatures, trade show booths, and website logos. Consumers were 13 percent better interested in simple, snappy logos than in more elaborate ones, according to the study. Customers will remember your brand name and pay attention to it if you use an interactive logo like this.

Animations in Apps

Due to the obvious animated transitions inherent in motion design, apps perform better. When you’re designing a mobile app, bear in mind that the animations you utilize should deliver a favourable user experience with strong and clear interactions. The important thing is that the visual effects serve a purpose rather than just being a decorative element. Animations enhance user engagement in-app by a large amount .

Graphics Animation Ads Campaign

With motion graphics and animated creatives, ads and media campaigns can attract more attention, engagement, and conversions. You might also make a variety of motion designs to appeal to different types of target audiences. It has proved to be really successful.

Overlays and titles for motion video

These graphics are an excellent method to highlight essential areas of your videos if you already have someone to attract your audience’s attention or if you already have a video. Because these designs are usually vivid, they can always draw the audience’s attention away from the main video to quite an item as long as it is present.

If you want to make your content title or name stick in people’s minds, motion graphics can help. That way, you’ll be able to distinguish yourself from competitors that use basic designs for their titles and overlays.

Product UX Benefits of Motion Graphics

You could believe that including video content within your product development or marketing is expensive and time-consuming. Although this is true for complete video material, animation content focused on graphics design could be a terrific substitute. It’s a cost-effective and time-saving solution that allows you to completely hand over your design process, advertising, as well as business to the next generation. 

Motion graphics bring a brand’s identity together

Brand recognition is one of the most powerful conversion forces. If your audience is unaware of your existence, they cannot patronize you. As a result, the more consumers learn about your business, the more interested they get.

With motion graphics, you may use a variety of techniques to embed your brand identification into the material in a consistent manner. According to a 2017 Forrester study, a one-minute video is worth almost 1.7 million words. This means that a one-minute video could be more than enough to convey your brand’s message.

It can only become better using motion design, since you can communicate using colours, forms, signals, gestures, music, and other things in addition to graphics. Even so, the emphasis upon your brand is modest enough that it does not appear redundant.

This allows your content, product, or brand to stand out from the crowd almost instantly, enabling your message to be passed, understood, remembered, and responded to as planned, paving the path for your target product’s UX.

Motion design adds interest to otherwise mundane events.

According to studies, when people appreciate your video content, they are more likely to want to connect with your brand and also intend to buy your goods by 139 percent and 94 percent, respectively. Now, how well your video is done determines a major portion of the likelihood that your viewers will appreciate it.

While seeing someone narrate a narrative or explain anything is entertaining, seeing that story told through pictorial expression is far more so, and this is the advantage motion design offers over traditional videos. The joyful air that animations elicit in a motion video helps to explain rather complicated topics and breathe life into otherwise lifeless information.

With motion graphics, the audience is more likely to appreciate your content and, as a result, identify with your business or desire to use your product. More of which will undoubtedly benefit your product’s user experience.

Higher retention as well as engagement rates are driven by animated content

As previously said, 65 percent of viewers watch and over 34% of a video, a statistic that text content cannot match. Emotions plus visual information are sorted in the same part of the brain, according to science. Visual stimuli as well as emotional responses are linked in a simple way, and the combination of the two produces what we call memories. This means that humans are predisposed to remember anything that not only elicited, but also elicited those feelings in them as a result of something they witnessed. Your audience will remember your brand and goods the next time your motion design takes them to a location wherein their emotions are triggered and they can be engaged.

Animated material is more likely to go viral.

According to a Cisco report, by the end of 2019, video will account for four-fifths of all global Internet traffic. While Facebook claims to have 100 million hours of video watched every day, Snapchat claims to have 1 billion daily views.

In other words, the world is shifting toward video-based communication. Part of this is due to the fact that the majority of them can be viewed on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computer systems. The best aspect is that, although some videos cannot be viewed on certain devices, motion graphics can be viewed on any kind of device, making it simple to share with anybody. This provides you with a better platform to establish your presence and swiftly reach your target audience.

In other words, the world is moving away from text-based communication and toward video-based communication. One reason for this is that the majority of them can be watched on a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, as well as computers. The best part is that, whereas some videos may only be viewed on specific devices, motion graphics could be viewed on any platform, making them easy to share with anybody. This gives us a better venue to create your presence and reach out to your target audience more quickly.

Motion graphics are less expensive than video and are more effective.

A beautiful change of course costs less and takes less time to create, but the payoff from such a video might be enormous. Apart from increasing your sales and income, it also helps to establish your brand in people’s minds, allowing you to gain influence over time. It aids in the proper positioning of your brand and conversion.

You can also make a short but distinctive motion graphics video, alter it, and use it for a variety of purposes. Look at how this 8-second motion graphics film depicts the coffee-making process; it could be a wonderful commercial campaign promo or a brilliant tutorial as well as explainer video.

You can also create a short yet memorable motion graphics video, edit it, and utilize it for a number of purposes. Take a look with how this 8-second keyframe animation clip illustrates the coffee-brewing process; it might be a great commercial campaign teaser or a fantastic tutorial and explainer video.

When used effectively in marketing, products UX design, and marketing, motion graphics can be a very powerful tool. Furthermore, motion design is applicable to any niche, product, or content. It’s appropriate for educational, health-related, financial, and e-commerce areas, as well as website, mobile app, and desktop app design. It might be directly included into the product development, advertising, social media, and other marketing materials.

More importantly, because of our experience with many forms of conceptual design, our Dream Engine Animation Studio team is always pleased to assist you in developing the correct motion UX design strategy to improve the look of your product and increase conversions.

The preceding discussion focused on how graphics can help your company succeed. In recent years, animation has become a popular subject. It excels not only in the entertainment industry, but in all fields of business, including medicine, engineering, architecture, and education.

We’ll now look at how animation can benefit your company:

Assist you in standing out from the crowd

Digital marketing is becoming a more competitive field, and it’s critical for your company to stand out. Because it promotes you as a creative, original, and futuristic organization, an animated video may quickly set you apart from your competitors.

Assist you in standing out in a crowded room.

Digital marketing is growing more competitive, and it’s more important than ever for your business to stand out. An animated film may immediately set you apart from your competition by promoting you as a creative, unique, and forward-thinking company.

Any product, no matter how severe or light-hearted, may be advertised with an animated film, whether you’re attempting to sell apparel or books.

Get to know your customers.

Consumers nowadays access web video content on a regular basis. According to a recent study, watching videos accounts for one-third of all internet activity time. As a result, in the competitive world of digital marketing, engaging your customers is critical, and it may be considered the first step toward making a sale.

As a result, you must employ content that delivers the best possibility of developing and disseminating with your customer.

Animated videos are an excellent approach to attract potential clients because they allow you to communicate important information in a fun and engaging way.

Enhance your search engine optimization

Google, like individuals, like animated video material. Adding animated videos on your website is a great method to boost SEO and help your company rank higher in Google searches. This increases your visibility and accessibility to potential customers.

One of several explanations that animated videos have seen tremendous development is because Google’s algorithm driving search rankings takes into account the period of time visitors spend on your website.

Google’s algorithms, like humans, enjoy animated video. Including features on your web site will help it score higher in searches and improve its SEO.

Viewers will spend more time on your site watching the material if you have an appealing animation. This increases the amount of time people spend on your site, which is a criterion Google considers when deciding which pages to display in its search engine.

According to studies, search results with a video thumbnail could double search traffic.

At sales meetings, impress clients and draw attention to yourself.

In a sales meeting, what would you like to see? Is it better to watch a boring PowerPoint lecture or an entertaining animated video?

Using an animation in a meeting to get your point through to potential clients and make a transaction is an impressive approach to do so. Displaying an eye-catching animation at your exhibition stand is also a great approach to lure people in and start a conversation.

Assist customers in comprehending your product.

If a potential buyer doesn’t understand what you’re selling, they’re unlikely to buy it. The concept and operation of your product are explained in an easy-to-understand manner through animation.

Your company’s products and services are intended to make your customers’ lives easier. Whenever it comes to communicating stories, animated videos may be very effective. A 90-120 second animated skit depicting real-life examples of how your goods and services would make your customers’ lives easier will undoubtedly benefit your company.

Using an animated movie to promote your product, whether it’s a whiteboard animation film or a 2D animation video, dramatically simplifies it. With the help of an animated film, you can simply break down how your product performs to its most basic form.

You will save both time and money.

Animations, unlike live-action videos, do not age quickly. Fashions from a few years ago appear absurdly antiquated in live-action videos. Choosing an animation instead it’ll save you money because it will appear newer for longer and will require less regular updating.

In addition, an animated version has the capacity to convey information in a couple of minutes that might otherwise take several hours to read and listen to. As a result, hiring an animated video will save you valuable time.

Animation does not favor any certain age, race, and nationality when compared to actual human actors. Because the internet is rapidly becoming a worldwide marketplace, this is critical. As a result, your company must appeal to everyone, regardless of their demographic.

Extending Your Horizons

As a company owner, you want to reach as many customers as possible and market your goods or services to them. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are major social media platforms that enable users to connect with millions of people across the world.

You may simply spread the news about your product / service with an animated movie, and in a fun and fascinating way.

There’s never been a more connected moment than now, thanks to social media. Because of the instantaneous transmission of information, everything has the potential to ‘go viral’ and be seen by millions of people. After all, according to a 2018 study, the two most popular internet activities are social media as well as watching movies.

Creativity is valued by online audiences. If something strikes a chord with them, they are more inclined to tell their friends and relatives about it. Animation is difficult to beat when it comes to these types of information.

Make your thoughts a reality.

You can convey any story you want with the help of an animated film – how starting this business transformed your life, how your product can improve the life of your customer, how your item gets your heart pounding, and so on.

You can use this creative tool to visually display as well as explain what you want to reveal about your goods to your clients.

Animated videos are a great way to boost brand development.

Animated videos provide a fantastic opportunity to include logos, colour schemes, and brand imagery into your video in an artistic way. A series of flash animations can be used to establish recurring themes and brand icons.

The Appeal of Animation Is Universal

You probably watched cartoons when you were a kid. Almost everyone has seen and appreciated the format at some point. Children aren’t the only ones that enjoy animation. Take a look at the huge popularity of shows like Rick as well as Morty, The Simpsons, even Family Guy to discover how popular animation is.

Complex ideas can easily be explained through animation.

When it comes to animation, we noted before that no concept is off limits. Because of this absence of constraints, animation reigns supreme when it comes to presenting complex or abstract concepts that would be difficult to convey with live action.

Explaining how humans believe dreams work, and how time operates in a black hole, can be difficult to do with just copy, and nearly impossible with live action. And that is where animation shines the brightest.

Your Message Will Be More Emotional With Animation

When it comes to blending emotion and storytelling, animation excels. Capable of developing compelling characters and a compelling stories that resonates with audiences on a deep level. The combination of sound, imagery, and story is a powerful combination that will appeal to audiences.

Businesses who wish to engage their customers on a better, more intimate level should use animation.

Conversions are boosted by animated videos.

According to studies, incorporating videos on web pages boosts conversions by 86 percent. When it comes to audience engagement and watch ability, animated videos outperform other genres of video. This means they have a phenomenal conversion rate, which is among the highest among marketing content types.

Rapport is built through animation.

When it comes to marketing, HubSpot discovered that 50% of customers prefer video to other types of content. Video offers a more personalized and engaging element to the experience, which appeals to viewers. The advantages become evident when you consider animation’s capacity to deliver a message and its creative potential.

For the aim of internal guidance and training

Animations ensure that a company’s messages are presented consistently. Customer trends, seasonal events, and new product improvements that are about to be released can all be featured in these types of videos.

To interact with customers about a sensitive topic

For the Co-Operative Funeral Care, over 25 animations have been created to connect with their consumers on a variety of delicate topics. Each animation follows a specific style designed in accordance with Co-brand op’s guidelines. All of the animations can be found on their website, and they’re a great method to gain client confidence and loyalty.

To introduce new items or conduct customer surveys

An internal conference is frequently a good place to display video animation. Virgin Active wanted to share the results and consequences of a Visitor Survey with the public. VPI produced a lighthearted and uplifting video to highlight the outcomes, which was seen by a large internal audience.

Similarly, animation can be used to promote the launch of a new product. It’s the best medium for a consumer proposition because it combines crucial information and images, and it may stand out from competition presentations. Nelson has recently experimented with animation in this manner.

Large research efforts should be visualized for better internal cut through.

Budgets for research are almost always allocated to the discovery of new information. Budget is rarely allocated to how this information is disseminated across a company for optimum impact and action.

The BBC is one of the few organizations that defies this tendency. They’ve recently completed study projects on gender as well as the media, as well as on Christmas. Because the research findings have far-reaching ramifications across the BBC, animations have been used to disseminate and illustrate the findings.

Your brand leaves an indelible and lasting impression.

By employing a more innovative approach to advertising. Businesses and brands profit from the ability to make a lasting impact on present and prospective new customers. Businesses may reveal more about their goals, values, and ambitions. As a result, their customers have a better knowledge of what they’re like in a company. Whatever they stand for or how they may assist clients are also discussed.

John Lewis is one company that has successfully used animation in their advertising. John Lewis is known for their Christmas commercials, which feature a lot of innovative animation. People have begun to link the brand with the holiday season. The commercials are known for their storyline, the use of various animation techniques, and the emotional as well as nostalgic responses they elicit, all while gently advertising their products. This type of advertising has altered people’s perceptions of the brand, and most importantly, it has stayed with them. Clients frequently ask us how their brand might attract new business when we initially meet with them. A smart way to start is with creative advertising. Whether it’s entirely digital marketing, PR marketing, or social media marketing, or a combination of the three.

Collaborate in Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai.

Dream Engine Animation Studio,Mumbai, as a 3D animation company, can assist your team in explaining complex product functioning and illuminating or else hidden procedures. We not only use cutting-edge animation new tech, but we also make it a point to collaborate with our clients at each and every stage of the animation process, from the original proposal to storyboards and even beyond. We are committed to enhancing your ROI by learning about your opportunities and challenges, then telling your product’s narrative through persuasive as well as artfully gorgeous animation.

The Mumbai-based Dream Engine Animation Studio is a one-stop shop for 2D and 3D animation for the education, medical, engineering, architecture, and entertainment industries. Dream Engine Animation Studio in Mumbai provides a wide range of animation services to help businesses promote their innovative services and products.

Education animation: Images, drawings, or photos are placed and played in a specific order to produce the appearance of movement. With new educational trends, the usage of animation in education is becoming more common. Its ability to simplify the learning of complicated ideas makes it a popular choice among instructors and students. Learning is brought to life through animation, which may be applied to almost any subject. As a result, instructors can use visual representations to communicate various topics to students. It’s also a pleasant learning method that encourages hands-on learning.

Medical animation: Animation in the Medical Field Video is an extremely effective explaining tool in and of itself. It can be used to advertise the advantages of a surgical procedure, introduce a new medical technology, or simply display drug mixtures.

Engineering animation: Engineering animation clips can assist you leave a lasting impression on attendance, connect them, and tell your product’s story. Above all, 3D engineering animation provides a virtual reality experience. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality all fall under the umbrella of extended reality.

If you are looking for an animation studio to help you enter the smart world of 3D animation, contact Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai right away.

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Considering the aforementioned considerations, animated videos are a powerful marketing tool that may help you promote your company and products.

Not all cartoon videos, however, are a hit or to go viral. To get popular with the audience, you must think imaginatively and attempt different concepts for your videos. As a result, you should employ a competent animated video production business to create the greatest animated videos possible for you.

Animation is a hot topic these days. Because of the numerous benefits that 3D animation brings, it is used in a range of industries. An intriguing technique to graphically express a marketing message is through animation. It allows for message simplicity while being true to the brand of a corporation. Businesses can employ animation to provide a distinctive customer experience on sites that specialize in branded video content, such as YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Vimeo, and many others. Animated video is a versatile and dynamic media that may help you tell your narrative in innovative ways. It’s a fun and engaging alternative to textual material, and it avoids the limitations of live-action video by turning static infographics into a very engaging “personal tour” of the subject.

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