what are the advantages of animation in engineering?

19th Jul 2021, author: dreamengineanimationstudiomumbai

Advantages-of-animation-In-Engineering-banner-imageDo You Know What Is Animation ?

When many static images are combined together consequently and then they appear to be moving is called animation. Animation has the power to bring things to life. Traditionally, to create images methods of painting and drawings were used whereas to create animation videos images are created through computer using computer-generated imagery. Technology has turned animation to be very detailed, giving it a 3D effect . 


About Engineering :

Engineering is a branch of science that studies to design and build different machinery and structure ( includes roads, building, tunnels, vehicles, aeroplanes, bridges etc)Engineering is considered to be one of the toughest fields. Engineering consists of different types such as aeronautical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering etc. 


How Does Animation Benefit Engineering ?

Demonstrate the project 

The better you demonstrate the project more clients understand and step towards you to invest and appoint you . 


Helps the non-engineering staff member

Animation plays an important role to coordinate with the non-engineering staff members as it has the ability to define the story and working of the project in detail. It becomes easy for them as they can relate to the live 3D experience and understand it better.


Helps the engineering staff members 

Even the simplest looking equipment can consist of  hundreds of  intricate parts making it more complex. With help of animation all the intricate parts of the equipment can be covered up at 360 degree angle and explained in more detail. This makes it easy for the engineering staff to highlight the main working points . As mentioned above engineering is a wide field and consists of various types .

Following are the ways how animation can help different types of engineering branches .


Aeronautical Engineering   

Aeronautical engineering deals with research, development, design, construction , testing and scientific development of air crafts. Animation can explain all the research work and can also help in designing the plane more accurately . Animation can also help to understand the testing route and take better precaution .


Civil Engineering

Civil engineering includes projects related to the practice of designing and developing infrastructure. It includes both large scale ( water supply networks and nationwide transport) and small scale ( developing a single building or road) . Animation can help the team to understand the structural design better and work efficiently . With the help of animation we can also come to know about the total number of labors required .


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest types of engineering concerned with the study and development of different mechanisms . It also deals with maintenance of mechanical systems.  With the help of animation one can not only study the difference but also study its various parts in detail . 


Biomedical Engineering 

Biomedical Engineering deals with the combinative study of biological and medical science. This branch of engineering assists in the progress of healthcare development technology. Animation can help the engineers of this field by demonstrating the internal organs and functions of all organs covering all tissue and cells. Flow simulation animation can also help the engineers to understand the fluid flow better in the body. By understanding these concepts thoroughly engineers can develop and maintain diagnostic devices ( EEGs, MRIs and many more imaging machines).


Environmental Engineering 

Environmental engineering is one of the most popular types of engineering. It includes the study of science and environment. With the help of animation it becomes easy for the engineers and their team to understand the problems of the environment. A visual experience can bring the major issues to highlight. When an animation video is made before developing an equipment it becomes easier to compare the expectations and result and make the project better.



Thus, use of animation in engineering can avoid blunders and also help in giving a fruitful result . Animation surely proves to be an asset for engineering. Use of animation will always be useful to the whole team.