Detox Care Centre

21st Jul 2021, author: dreamengineanimationstudiomumbai

About Detox Care+ centre: 

  • Detox Care+ Centre is India’s first FIR + ION Detox Therapy Care Centre.
  • The FIR + ION Detox Therapy helps in the total detoxification of your body and removes toxins. 
  • This therapy at the Detox care centre is a very effective, unique and 100% naturopath process to detoxify, cleanse and curate the body. 
  • The main advantage of this FIR + ION therapy is that it is totally safe and has observed no side effects. 
  • The detox fir therapy helps in fat loss, relaxation from stress and gives relief, improves passive cardio conditioning, boosts the immune system, speeds the metabolism, gives relief in joint pain, and rejuvenates the skin.

Challenges faced by Detox Care+ centre:

  • Detox care+ centre was facing the problem in their business because of the bad marketing exposure and lack of marketing efforts for their business, it was hard for the people to accept the services from the centre as we can see this FIR + ION Detox Therapy is a not so well-known form of therapy but is very effective. 
  • Due to this lack of information and lack of marketing the detox centre was not satisfied by this slowdown work and bad market condition.

The detox centre wanted magic that would boost their work and give their detox centre a good height.

Magic by Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai:

  • So, our team at Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai made a mesmerising animation advertisement for the detox centre which would make people understand the purpose of detox care and attract people towards their services.
  • With the help of the animation done by our Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai the detox centre got on its peaks of success and also, they expanded their detox centre to reach various locations so that everyone can make their body clean and fit. 
  • Starting from one centre in Kharghar to expanding the number of franchises, and now looking forward to expansion pan Mumbai, Detox centre has moved on to new heights of their business with the help of the animation video done by Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai. 


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