JK Lakshmi Mini Silo Branding Animation Video.

30th Nov 2021, author: dreamengineanimationstudiomumbai


Meher trailers Pvt Ltd sells and transports various types of variants of cement silos. One of these variants is a mini cement silo. A silo is essentially a device used to store bulk materials. A Mini cement silo is an integral piece of equipment for ready-mix concrete batch processing plants and concrete product manufacturing machines. A Mini cement storage silo is needed for the ready-concrete mixing operation. In many other countries, holding and delivering Mini cement in silos was common. Storing and transporting cement in Mini cement silos was not a common phenomenon in India, and most people were unaware of the existence of cement silos.

The use of Mini cement silo was also unknown to India’s well-known cement manufacturing companies. Until now, Indian cement manufacturing companies have used the conventional form of storing and supplying cement, which involves storing the cement in cement bags.

JK Lakshmi is India’s leading cement manufacturer, known for its simple home-building solutions and sustainable development initiatives. It has maintained a strong focus on two basic building blocks that have remained consistent throughout its daily operations: product quality and protection (of all those involved in the creation of its products)The core principles of the business have resulted in a product that embodies Giant Strength.

However, despite being India’s most successful cement company, Ambuja cement was not updated with the latest concept of Mini cement silos, which was a disadvantage for both the company and our developing country.

So the Meher Trailers Pvt ltd decided to clarify how Mini cement silos have been effectively calculated for companies all over the world and how the idea of using Mini cement silos brought about an evolution among companies that store and supply powder and liquid goods in bulk.

So, to inform JK Lakshmi that their business- meher trailers pvt ltd supplies and transports the Mini cement silos, as well as to make her aware of the Mini cement silos, the team of meher trailers decided to make a presentation that would elaborate on the functioning and benefits of the Mini cements silos.


As a result, our impromptu team at Dream Engine Animation Studio in Mumbai created a heartwarming animation video that clarified the entire working process and benefits of the Mini cement silos. The process is explained in detail in the animation created by Our Dream Engine Animation Studio in Mumbai.

The animation video starts with a view of a cement company that represents JK Lakshmi, and a Mini cement silo on a truck that is being loaded with cement is shown with the name of JK Lakshmi on it – causing the client company to count the Mini cement silo among its own possession.After the filling of the cement in the Mini silo the truck with Mini cement silo reaches the construction site where the construction has been going on and  unloades the Mini cement silo on the site , this shows the how easy it is to transport and supply a Mini cement silo. Lastly the small opening beneath the Mini cement silo is opened from where the labourers are filling their carts and carrying the cement all over the site wherever needed. 

So with the help of this Animation video made by Our Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai, Meher trailers easily explained the working and the benefits of the Mini cement silos to the massive cement company- JK Lakshmi and impressed them with this new technology. And got the contract of supplying the cement silos to the leading company. 


Our Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai in this Animated video of cement silo, has elucidated everything in a very specialized way by our team of dream engine studio in this animated explanatory video. This video helped the leading cement company of India-  JK Lakshmi to adapt this new concept very rapidly and also gave them an idea about the working and advantages of the silos,

The Animated video made by Our Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai  was also displayed by the company Meher Trailers Pvt Ltd in various expos , on their  social media handles , the video was used to give training to the workers as well as used for presentations in meetings with clients .

The video sounded very much helpful to the company and after this video the company also asked our dream engine studio to make other animated explanatory and presentation videos.

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