Do You Know Everything You Need To Know About 3D Animation?

05th Aug 2021, author: dreamengineanimationstudiomumbai


The term “3D animation” fascinates people of all age groups. Long before 3D animation came into practice there were 2D animation and still pictures for the process of illustration. Eventually, the technology progressed and today we are living in the era of 3D animation. 3D animation is a digital environment in which three-dimensional models or objects are modified or moved around to create the appearance of movement and then combined into meaningful sequences. Today 3D animation has become one of the most used aids in all industries.

Different types of 3D animation

3D animation is a vast branch that consists of various varieties. A few of them are mentioned below

  • 3D virtual reality
  • 3D videos and films
  • 3D engineering animation
  • 3D industrial animation
  • 3D mechanical animation
  • 3D product animation
  • 3D explainer videos
  • 3D technical animation
  • 3D medical animation
  • 3D medical animation, etc.

There are many more types of 3D animation.  The animation chose to put into action depends on the type of project and the project’s purpose. The correct choice of animation can give a fruitful result. For example, 3D medical animation can be used to explain patients their medical conditions. This enhances the line of communication between the doctor and the patient, as well as assisting them in gaining the trust of their patients by adding a touch of professionalism. When civil engineers make use of 3D animation it helps them as well as their team( both engineering and non-engineering) to understand the project and give a better performance. 

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What are the key benefits of animation?

Animation has the superpower to catch the eyeball of every person in the surroundings as it is proven that animation can as brain remembers pictures faster and for a longer period of time than text. You may recollect the multiple engine oil adverts that ran during big events such as IPL matches. The manner in which animations depict engine internals – engine motions as well as the elimination of resistance spots and sludge – better than any mechanic can explain the importance of oil changes. 3D animations are a very cost-effective option. 

Software used for 3D animation

There is a various variety of software used for 3D animation that is both free and paid to simple and complex each with different application advantages. Few of the software are mentioned below:

  • Adobe Premium pro
  • Keyshot
  • Blender
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Suspense Painter 
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Dimensions
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 

All these application consists of different features and tools. All of these applications are quite experimental. A wise decision can have positive results. When you opt for any of these applications you need to take the complexity of the project into consideration and make a choice. But always remember one thing – The ability of the individual is more significant than the software decision itself. Practice makes a man perfect.

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Use of 3D animation in various industry

Today, 3D animation is a rapidly growing business that is gaining a lot of traction. The use of 3D modeling and applications is growing in a variety of industries. For example, in the mechanical industry, 3D animation is a boon because it helps students understand and remember things better by providing a better experience. In the educational industry, 3D animation is a boon because it helps students understand and remember things better by providing a better experience.


We can confidently predict that 3D animation will soon reach new heights. Many various industries, such as business, advertising, education, and engineering, can benefit from 3D animation. 3D animation will be highly demanded in coming times and has a bright future.