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 How does Green Screen Video work?  Why its called Green Screen video?


Green Screen video Production solely depends on Lights, Placing of lights in a correct way is the key for a Successful Video. Be it focusing the Object or the background of the video, Everything depends on the light.

Why its called Green Screen video?  Well the colour used in this process, I.e, basically the background colour used to shoot the video is different from the natural colour and makes it easy for editing. This Process of Video Production allows you to be in a compact studio and yet add Graphics and effects similar to an outdoor shoot, Yes everything is possible when you work with Professionals.

The art of Green Screen video production can be used beautifully by the right techniques, be it adding effect, graphis or moving of objects to define the product in a video and manymore, The Best is created by the most creative people and our team is here to know and understand your needs and deliver the best to you.

Who can you create best Green screen video for you? Who should you trust?

Be it Video for your Product or an animated video with all the desired Graphics  for your website.

 Our Team is your one point stop. Team Dream Engine Studio is based in Mumbai and we believe in rendering The Best Green Screen Service not just locally but all over the country.