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Everyone has questions, queries and doubts before starting anything.  We a few list of most commonly and frequently asked questions. The best part about these questions is, they are from actual clients, not just randomly thought of. This page will frequently be update based on latest questions we encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Engineering Animation: Engineering Animations are known with a lot of names like some call it Technical Animation Videos and Mechanical Animation Videos. Some may simply call it as explainer videos. In such type of animations, we showcase your ambitious, creative and innovative projects. 

Character Animation: Animated video, especially character animation, are sure to give you more conversion. Character depict your company’s ideology and it can also be labelled as your mascot.

Motion Graphics: Motion Graphics Animation activity is extraordinary for giving data in charts, figures and details. This is an incredible type of explainer recordings to improve complex information so viewer can grasp and retain information.

Whiteboard Animation: Whiteboard Animation is an instinctive technique to clarify complex thoughts. This sort of video works well  for organizations, however the idea is more famous with non-benefit associations.

Pitch Project Videos: Gone are the days when companies used to submit hundreds of pages to higher authorities as a primary document for any project. Companies submit an animation video as primary document towards project and also submit the tradition hundreds of page booklet as supporting document. This way authorities save a lot of time by having a glance at video and understand the project. Such videos are used for pitching the project, here the pitching company is at a risk of either getting the project or may not hence they get a little inferior quality video for it. Incase they grab the project, they get the video enhanced from us at a small premium.  

Please visit our Services page to see more such services and our related previous works

We don’t utilize stock footages or royalty free pre-made characters. All characters are altered according to the necessities and requirement of our customers. We give the most reasonable rates available for the quality we give.

Some projects do have the requirement of using only stock footages and compiling them. In such a scenario, we create an invoice accordingly.

* Improves your brand visibility

* Conveys complex messages in a compelling and connecting way

* Promote your precious but lesser known products.

* Create engagement with target audiences, giving it a better reach

* Increase more endorsers.

* Saves your time, makes your products and services self explanatory

Usually you get boundless revision during script development. We need to ensure your story is as per your need before moving ahead. Every single other stage; storyboard, voiceover, illustration, and trial cut animation come with as many revisions as necessary(with in reasonable limit) to ensure final product is acceptable and useful to you. The last stage allowed for revision is before rendering. 

For a 1 minute video, we on an average take 20 working days to make your 3D video and 10 working days to create your 2D Videos.

The time it takes relies upon 3 elements:

The length of your video

The number of modifications you demand at each progression of the cycle (we offer boundless)

How soon you gets back on the modifications that you need us taken care of

In the event that you need your video in less time, we offer a Rush service option where we can make your video as per your requirement, we can connect over this.

Please check your desired services pages on our website to see the quality of our work.

This collection incorporates our top videos.

Look at our testimonial to discover what past clients say.

We likewise offer Boundless corrections at consistently. Which implies that we don’t proceed onward to the following stage until you’re 100% happy.

Also incase if you have some other reference video to share, you can share it and we can have a discussion about it.

However, similar to all extraordinary things it’s developed to be a fantastically flexible approach to associate organizations and their crowds. It’s incredible for:

Grabbing eyes and superfast communication.

Clarifying complex substance in simple to get a handle on ways.

Creating a visual world that is particularly yours.

Helping individuals discover your brand, ‘get’ it’s character and assemble a relationship with you.


So to be a little more clearer, animation is needed by industry to showcase your target audience that we are worth your time, connect with us.